Manually Enter Water Used

I would like to see the option to manually run each zone for 5 minutes and enter the amount of water used by watching the water meter on the house. Each zone has a different amount/type of heads or a mixture of different heads and therefore uses more/less water per zone. If the Rachio knew exactly how much water is used by each zone per minute, it would more accurately display water used and saved.
I don’t know if this was suggested already but someone mentioned it earlier and would love to see it as a feature in the app.


Hey @Jaycamp!

This is a pretty common feature request. The only issue is ultimately we need to know how many “inches down” we are watering over a period of time over your landscape in order to use our intelligent scheduling. There is a good discussion here regarding that. In the meantime, this article may help you use that meter reading to tune in your usage estimates. Either way, I think there are some changes we could make to make getting usage right easier than it currently is- and this is one of them! Thank you for the suggestion!

McKynzee :rachio:

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+1 on this idea

I have a separate thread on this, but all I did was run each zone for a set period of time (I did 10 min, but the longer the more accurate) - marking the actual meter reading before and after each zone. Use those numbers (of ACTUAL WATER EXPELLED FROM SYSTEM) and back in the numbers using the square footage you entered and then manually create a new HEAD type at whatever in/hr rate it would have to be. I have a head at something like .885 and another zone’s head at 1.075 - but it gets the Rachio and the actual meter near identical.

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