Manually Enter Rainfall!

I think a great feature add would be to allow the user to input a previous day rainfall manually.
This would be great for when you realize that the rain sensor being used just got it way wrong.


You can manually fill the zone or empty it in the moisture details. That should account for a “way wrong” situation.

I’m sorry to see, after many years, that Rachio has still not addressed this simple issue: We should be able to manually adjust moisture levels based on known rain or irrigation events that are not known to Rachio. Limiting us to irreversible “fill” or “empty” options is inadequate and unnecessary. This is the main reason that I would never allow the system to automatically water my lawn without me first checking that its moisture tracking made sense for that day (i.e., I let it calculate what it thinks should be happening, but manually initiate the schedule).

A related issue is that Rachio always assumes that a complete watering be triggered to completely refill the system, but that is not always the best approach, and one should be able to set a target level. That’s another reason why I never allow Rachio to automatically water since it does not allow partial refilling of the system, which is often the smarter thing to do when not in a drought, and rain is expected in the not too distant future.

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Regarding moisture level even a 50% setting in addition to empty or full would be a help.