Manual zone control

BTW…great product

i would like to run a group of zones manually from time to time, i only see that i can run all zones or one zone at a time.

for example, i would like to choose zone 1,4 and 5 from the manual (remote) button on the IOS app then choose 10 minutes, and the controller run zone 1,4 and 5 for 10 minutes each.

presently it seems i can only run one zone at a time or all zones for selected time, maybe i have missed something?.. but on the website i can choose time for more than one zone then manually run.

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Hey @markhoho, good to hear from you and thanks!

So, this is something we’d like to improve, but you can select multiple zones from the remote to run. You’d tap a zone, select the amount of time, and before hitting Run Now button, tap the zones drop down and select another zone you want to queue up. The remote will add up the watering times you’ve select and then run all of them when you hit run now.

At the moment we can’t do exactly what you’re saying, like select multiple zones and then selecting a time for all of them to run. You have to input the time for each zone, but they will run sequentially.

Hope that helps!

although not ideal, i tried the method you mentioned and it does work. maybe an improvement in future versions of the software would make it more intuitive.

thanks for your prompt and honest answer…


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