Manual Zone and Scheduled zone

I used to be able to select several zones and run for 10 minutes. I could select one or all. I don’t see that in the upgrade. Am I missing something? I have a Gen 2
I also was able to select a schedule and run it manually.

I also have Rachio 2 but don’t see these troubles.

Selecting several zones for manual run, desktop site (Windows / Mac / Linux) or mobile site (Android / iOS):
Click/tap Quick Run, Add custom run, choose zones, click/tap Next.
Adjust total time or individual zone run times as desired, click/tap Done.

Manually trigger an existing schedule:
Click/tap Schedule, select desired schedule, click/tap Quick Run.

If you still have trouble, please report what device you are using, what error you get (or screenshot showing missing items), and whether you have the problem on another kind of device.

If you are using a mobile app, try visiting instead.

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