Manual wont even work

I posted yesterday my install and it appears installed correctly. However in my post someone pointed out that my sensor could be inline with my Common. Its been raning here but my question is regardless if it has been raining or not, shouldnt my gen 2 be able to run my zones manually?

@Jwlewis82 - Short answer - no. The way the rain sensor would work in this configuration is the sensor is normally closed which will allow current to flow from the Rachio out to the solenoid and then back to the Rachio over the common wire. When the rain sensor gets wet enough to trip it creates an open circuit - there is no way for the electricity to return to the Rachio completing the circuit, even though the Rachio will be providing power out the zone port. Normally one will see the rain sensor as it is outside so it can get wet. Look on fences or a gutter or the roof line for the device.

If the rain sensor was installed into the sensor port on the Rachio, then yes manual runs will work.


Thanks again for helping me. I will wait until it drys out a few days before i post again

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What brand/style of rain sensor is it?

If it’s the standard Mini-Clik style, you could go out, turn the top of it, and take it off. This would reengage the common wire. This would be the quickest way to know. Otherwise, you’d have to wait for the rain to stop and sensor to dry out before it reengages.

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YES Thats it. I was going to look this up and how it works but you have given me the name. Thank you. I will check this out as soon as i get home.

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@Jwlewis82 - These in-line with the common wire rain sensors will be the death of @mckynzee - looks like there should be a special knowledge base article on this!

So based on the reply I’m assuming a Hunter Mini-Clik rain sensor has been spotted in the installation. If so, here are my recommendations:

  1. Cut the rain sensor out of the common wire and wire-nut together the common wire using a damp location wire nut available from Lowe’s and Home Depot.

2a. If the desire is for a local rain sensor to catch the situation where it rains locally, but not at the chosen weather station then wire the rain sensor into the SC and S ports on the Rachio device.

2b. If the internet based weather station is fine for rain detection, then leave the rain sensor out and remove a failure point.

Otherwise, one will always be fighting the rain sensor if the sprinklers aren’t running.

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Splitting it out was the thought that i had after you told me that it was inline. I didnt even know of it was possible but i went and took a gander at it yesterday and the sensor looks exactly like the Mini-Clik @Sprinklerman posted above so i thought i would be able to trace that and put the c and thw sensor where they belong( hope what i am saying makes sense so far). Well the wires from the Mini-Clik are spliced or appear to be spliced into one wire that runs into pvc underground then travels parallel with the slab my ac units sit on then come up via another pvc where all the wires then enter the garage with the C and Sensor wire as one. If i had my way at this point i would prefer the sensor removed just to be done with it. Thee gen-2 seems smart enough to handle the system without the need of a sensor, i just dont knownifni should do it or hire a professional.

@Jwlewis82 - Use something like this -> (I found a pack with four or five in it instead of 20 at Home Depot). This is only 24 VAC, so no big deal - I’d say go for it. Post pictures and I’m sure you’ll get plenty of advice. There will be two conductors, one going to and one coming from, for the rain sensor and I’d go as close to the Rachio where all the wires enter the garage to remove the rain sensor wires from the common. If there is not enough slack to join the two ends of the common together, then get some 18 gauge solid wire (or the size of the wire that is in the installation if different) to bridge from one end to the other (there will be two wire nutted connections) of the common wire. Then it is up to you if you want to extend the rain sensor conductors into the garage and attach to the Rachio.

Thanks @DLane i will get more picks this afternoon and show you what i am looking at on my end

So i went out back and here is what i see

Then it came into the garage with the 8 wires for each zone and one white for the C and sensor.

I took the cap off the top of the Mini-Clik and the sprinklers come on when i run through the app

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@Jwlewis82 - The wire in the second and third pictures will have two conductors in it. My guess is that if you dig up the white PVC pipe by the 4x4 fence post you’ll find where the wire is spliced into the common wire. I don’t think that PVC is connected to the pipe that runs up from the A/C compressor slab.

I might just abandon in place, cut the white wire right above the white PVC pipe and connect together the two conductors that should be inside together and that will complete the common wire and remove the rain sensor.

@Jwlewis82 Good work!

@DLane man i am very fearful when it comes to cutting wires. Not so much of doing it than i am the wrath of the misses. Being that i have cap of the sensor taken off cant o just leave it? Or somehow waterproof it to where it stays dry?

@Sprinklerman thanks for everything

They have been a very common occurrence lately… they’re killing me too :skull: Agreed that a knowledge base article would be helpful. Stay tuned…

@Jwlewis82 - I’m not one to create any marital dis-harmony. I think the rain sensor will be fine with the cap off. After all it is a rain sensor and is designed to get wet.

I was just trying to clean up the fence and optics.

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