Manual Watering Zone start Incorrect Label

I am having a lot of work done on the yard and moving around sprinkler zones and heads. As I work with the sprinkler guys I have been using the manual option on the app to start and stop a zone. After I select the zone I want and start it the correct zone starts but the app itself says the wrong zone (It always says the zone above it) I have also noticed sometimes the app doesn’t update that its watering and I have to end the app (double click the home button find the app and slide it up), then if I start it again and then I can see that the zone is started and stop it if needed.

I am using Rachio 8 zone Gen 1 with the iOS app.

Can you PM me screenshots of the behavior you are seeing? Thanks!


I am experiencing the same problem.

Can you PM me screenshots of the behavior you are seeing and steps taken so we can try to reproduce? Thanks!


I will as soon as I can, right now everything for my sprinkler system is disconnected with all the construction going on. Hopefully in the next day or so I can replicate and take some screenshots.

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