Manual watering time default

The default manual watering time is 10 minutes. It is rather long for my purposes and requires constantly adjusting the time of each zone down to a lower value. It would be great in the following preferred order: 1) if there was a way for a user to set their own default manual time, or 2) to cache the last manual time set, or 3) have a low default time, e.g., 3 minutes.


Thanks for reaching out to us. You bring up some great points.

As you are probably aware of we are releasing a new version of our software that is coming very soon. So that being said we are not going to be tweaking any current functionality with the current app. But one of the new features is going to be a remote control that will allow you to manually run your zones without a default of 10 minutes. You will need to cycle through each zone that you want to run and set the duration necessary but you can add these to a playlist and run that.

You won’t be able to save a playlist, but you can always create test watering times that you could quickly run manually. If you have maybe one or two test watering times that are ideal for testing that will be your best bet.

Let me know your thoughts or if you have any additional questions.