Manual watering stopped unexpectedly

I have a Rachio V1 and it’s been solid since installation. Lately when I’ve done some manual zone runs/Quick Run, I’ve received a message that Quick Run was manually stopped after X minutes, where X < total Quick Run specified. My controller is not shared with anyone else so I am puzzled as to what is causing this manual stop.

Any ideas?

@franz, any insight?

@wx16 - any integrations with other services that could be sending the end watering command (just guessing)?

@DLane None currently. Had an integration with SmartThings over a year ago, but the devices appeared offline within ST for quite some time. I just reconnected Rachio with ST today and will see if the issue persists. The ST integration has just been to display watering status via ActionTiles/webpage and not to initiate manual runs.

Is it every zone? Could be a short in one of your solenoids?


@franz Interesting hypothesis. I’ll check that out the next time this occurs. Will need to check both the specific zone and the master valve.
One of these days I’ll map out which valve box goes to which zone. Open to suggestions on the most painless way to approach that task…

Manually turn on each zone…:man_shrugging:

Turns out I’m fortunate that all the wiring is color-coded, so I just have to check each valve box and see what color wire is connected to that solenoid. Only challenge is that some of the insulation on the wires has faded so orange and yellow can look similar at this point.

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I am having the same problem. If I manually run a cycle it always shuts off 10-16 minutes into the first zone, and gives me the message”zone manually stopped after 12 minutes.”