Manual watering, how to without IRO tracking?

Is there a method, either from the GUI, or at the Rachio controller box, to manually apply water without the system tracking the use? A scenario would be a wind negates the effectiveness of the programmed cycle, so I wish to apply a manual watering cycle to supplement. However, I do not wish this manual watering to subtract from the next scheduled amount.

Manual usage tracking only affects flexible daily schedules. If you are using those there is no way to apply irrigation without it being tracked in the soil moisture graph. One thing you can do is empty/fill your zones from the soil moisture graph.

If you are not using flexible daily schedules that there is no concern over manual usage tracking.


Thanks Franz. Unfortunate, as you can see where I am coming from. Hopefully in the future we will have other selections on the Adjust Moisture Levels in addition to Empty or Fill. I know others have requested this.

Why can’t you manually run the valves, at the valves? Iro doesn’t know you’ve run them that way…

Yes, that is an option. Not very convenient, but it would work. Would rather be able to do it from the web.