Manual water & Flex question

New Gen 2 user, have a Flex setup. I want to do a cup audit of my zones because the last time I did it several years back it was lower in every zone than the suggested values for the head type in Rachio’s app. For now I’m using the default but sadly I think my irrigation contractor probably spaced the heads out too far when the system was installed 10 years ago perhaps to save $$$ or something so in many rotor zones I’ve previously measured anything from 0.4-0.6 per hour (compared to 1 in default) but I want to “check again” in the hopes perhaps I wasn’t careful enough with my measurements…

So… if I want to do a 20 minute zone by zone test will the quantity of water I lay down manually affect my Flex schedule, or does Flex “ignore” manual waterings (like my old Rainbird ESP did)? I ask because doing 20 minutes a zone is quite a bit of water and I’d like to do the test the day before a scheduled Flex watering in the hopes I don’t “waste” a watering and the Rachio will automatically dial down the next days watering since I watered so much the day before…

Hope this makes sense…


I just double checked my moisture level charts from last Tuesday when I had to do some manual watering, and all the watering I did is reflected in the charts, and taken into account for the calculations of when the system next needs to water. I’m also running Flex. I love that the Rachio does this!!!

Whether the zones will water the next day or not will be dependent on how much moisture the plants are predicted to lose the next day, and precipitation forecast, etc., but the watering will not just be wasted like it was on the Rainbird.

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Thanks so much for checking, that’s excellent news. I want to do a proper check which will require 15-20 minutes per zone and I’m glad that kind of watering won’t go to waste.

It for certain gets accounted for, some ppl don’t want that, but I do.