Manual Skip Vanished

I logged into the app the other day and noticed the manual skip button was gone from the dashboard or any schedule details. I’ve been emailing support and the suggestions to resolve are rather lackluster. This morning I opened the app and now a manual skip has been applied that I did not set. There is no way to cancel the manual skip. I have uninstalled and reinstalled from the App Store and that didn’t change anything, so as expected. I have the Gen2 controller.

Here are some shots with the manual skip applied that I did not select.


I will have the engineering team review your account today and let you know what they find.

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Awesome, thanks for having someone take a look at it. It’s a bit perplexing that it just vanished middle of last week to me with no app update.


The team was able to remove the skip but is still investigating how it got into that condition. We should know more next week but you should be good to go for now.


Franz, thanks for your help. Whatever they did to clear that also fixed the problem. Once I saw your reply in my email I opened up the app and it’s back to how it was.

I’m having the exact same problem. Unable to manually skip and Thurs. has a manual skip I didn’t select.

Hi @Technogod,

We have removed the manual skip allowing you to skip the next upcoming run scheduled for tomorrow. You should be good to go now.


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Thank You

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Manual skip is gone. Why would it be removed? So simple and powerful. Please bring it back!

Still there for me.

it came back after some app maintenance.