Manual schedule

Have the controller time out of manual mode after some period of time when left in manual mode. When left in manual mode (forgot to exit manual mode), the scheduled mode did not start. Operator error but that could be a feature of the controller.

Hey @normc19!

I want to make sure I understand your request, what do you mean by “manual mode”?

McKynzee :rachio:

Manual Run of a zone.

@ssindelman Manually running a zone should always have a time limit, however that is interesting that it affected your scheduled run. I will do some testing, but I agree that it should not interfere with a scheduled run!!

McKynzee :rachio:

I believe the original poster was @normc19 … not I.

I was simply defining what he meant by “manual mode”.

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Thanks @ssindelman- my bad! I just ran a test @normc19 and my schedule started after the manual run had completed even though the technical start time was during the middle of the manual run. Would you prefer the schedule interrupt the manual run?

Have you tried leaving the manual remote open but not running and then having a schedule go?

I have not @ssindelman- let me check it out! Thank you.

I think I did not explain it well. When I did not exit from the manual mode (I was testing each zone) on the iphone app it did not run my scheduled run the next morning.


Thanks for the extra info @normc19- we will do some testing!

McKynzee :rachio: