Manual run multiple zones?

with the current version of the app is it possible to set up multiple zones to run manually? It kinda seems like it should work but it doesn’t end up doing it.

I open the app and at the bottom right is “quick run”. I can run a single zone but the "quick run button is missing while that zone is running. So this makes it seem like it is still one zone manually at a time. However… If after starting a zone manually I then click on the “zones” button i can see all the zones, and if I pick a different one than the one that is running and there is a “quick run” button shown.

So is the “quick run” button in the “zones” display a programming mistake, or is there some way to run multiple zones manually?

What I’m trying to do is when I’m leaving for work on a hot morning I’d like to give extra water to the lawn and to an area with shallow plants. I’d like to be able to set up multiple zones to run and have Rachio run them one after another.

Yes, you can do this. See Manual zones on now app