Manual day skip on flex

Is there a way to skip a specific day when using flex schedule? My son is going to mow early tomorrow so I don’t want the schedule to run so the lawn is dry. I thought I could tell it to skip the schedule but not finding that. If not I will disable the schedule then enable when he is done.

@dcook23 This is what I do. If you’ve never used IFTTT you’ll find it’s really easy to set up, and there’s a bunch of other fun & cool stuff you can do with it in addition to Rachio related events!

Go,into the app and set a 24 hour rain delay. Mir is at the top, a gray raindrop.


I couldn’t find a rain delay option prior to my post. Once you mentioned this I figured I would look again because I must be missing it. Guess the option was too obvious that I missed it. It worked perfectly.


I’m new to Rachio. (Alexa told me to buy it. :slight_smile: I want to try using flexible scheduling option where the system or app decides when to water. Is there a way to do this but to turn off watering every other Wednesday when the gardener comes? Can I do this within the app rather than IFTTT? I’m using the Gen 2 controller.

@JoanneMcG It is possible. Please see my post above where I refer to IFTTT and follow the link posted there.

With flexible daily you can choose specific days to water, but then the system will be off every Wednesday.