Manual Cycle & Soak

I am trying to grow some new grass in a zone that has misters. In order to keep the seed damp throughout the day I want to run the mister zone for 5 minutes every 2-hours starting at 7am and ending after the 5pm watering. The result I want is:

7am - Run for 5m
9am - Run for 5m
11am - Run for 5m
1pm - Run for 5m
3pm - Run for 5m
5pm - Run for 5m
5:05pm - Done for the day

I think the fixed cycle and soak schedule should allow this but I cannot seem to get it working.

How about start time, 7am, end time 5:05pm. Cycle for 5 minutes, soak for 55 minutes, total run time of 30 minutes?