Manual cycle and soak

I have a fixed schedule with a manual cycle and soak. I would like for this to happen:

6 am water 60 minutes
10 am water 60 minutes
2 pm water 60 minutes

Should the schedule below work? Should the water duration be 3 hours (3 x 60 minutes) or something different? Is water duration only the time that the water is actually flowing or should it include the soak time as well?

Thank you in advance for your help! :grinning:

Looks good

I’m not sure if drips work with manual cycle and soak or not (for sure it doesn’t work with smart cycle). The quick fix is to check what your nozzle inches per hour are, change the nozzle to a yard type nozzle, and change the nozzle inches per hour to what you were using with the drip system. That should make it work.

Just to clarify, you mean check the gallons per hour of the drip emitter? Then change your “nozzle” type from drip, to say, rotary nozzle? I guess the issue is how to convert GPH (gallons per hour) of a drip emitter to inches per hour of a lawn nozzle. You’d have to measure what your emitters were achieving in terms of depth, i.e. inches per hour…

To Rachio…

Please offer manual cycle and soak to drip systems… this is best practice for drip systems, especially with sandy and sand/loam combination soils.

Unless you can confirm that manual cycle and soak does in fact function even while drip type emitters are selected for the zone.

Note: Smart Cycle/Cycle Soak/Well Delay is automatically disabled on zones with Drip Nozzles (Emitter, Bubbler, Mister, Drip Line)

…Generally, a drip irrigation system should not operate more than 45 to 60 minutes at one time.
…Multiple start times about two hours apart may be needed to provide the total run time in a single day.
…To avoid runoff or applying water below the root zone, the total time should be broken up into smaller, equal intervals, no longer than 1 hour each, about two hours apart.

Drip Irrigation for the Mojave Desert