Manual Controls on Gen 2 fixed @ 3 minutes?

I just realized from this post: Manual override at controller fixed at measly 3 minutes and the Gen 2 connection issue today that the manual run is only fixed @ 3 minutes, so are the Gen 2 manual controls only to serve the purpose for a landscaper run? I’m not sure how I missed this info earlier.

Is there a possibility to have a setting where the user can set a default time for all zones such as 20 or 30 mins and then an option to select to whether to move from zone to zone automatically til the final zone has run or to just run the one selected zone at the Gen 2 unit…

Is this possible @franz? Would others find this beneficial? @panvanchan ?

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Interesting idea which could be really useful.

Would you prefer that or the ability to set the minutes on the controller itself? We started out with something like that but since you have a button press up/down and a button stop, it wasn’t that intuitive to actually set minutes.

Thoughts on how the buttons could work to that effect?


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Personally, I wouldn’t want to have to use the manual up and down slider to control the mins if that’s how it was configured. I would much rather have an option on the app to set as my personal manual run default time and if I my default 20 mins wasn’t what I needed at the particular moment for sprinkler closing then I would stop the zone after 3 mins and then run the next zone and so on and so forth… I believe it would be beneficial to many others as well.
@plainsane thoughts?

Ok, I like that idea, will make sure the product team gets this feedback.


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If I understand what I have read, do you mean that you set predefined run times for the zone then if you manual activate a zone on the controller it would run for that time frame?

If so, I think that idea is fantastic and seems doable with the current hardware, but @franz would have to speak to that…


That’s exactly what I was suggesting… a predetermined amount of time (instead of 3 min runs) that when you use the manual controls from the Gen 2 unit, it would run for the selected time the user chooses and the user could also choose to have it automatically move onto the next zone or it would end and await the user’s next zone selection.


I run into this every year when I turn system on and off. When system gets blown out I have to cycle through manual 3 three times for each zone. Such a hassle.

It would be nice to be able to set this default manual time with in the app.