Thanks to Rachio’s Flex Daily (plus watching tree response, tweaking, and endless education) I’ve have a terrific crop of sweet mandarins! Couldn’t be easier with Rachio’s flexibility. I entrusted Rachio for several months while on a business trip — and any major issues that occurred were plainly human error (such as my choosing the wrong drip emitter for two trees, causing an overwater situation). Rachio Iro gen 2 worked flawlessly. Irrigation season is over, Iro is in Standby, but Flex lets me continue to track soil moisture (influenced by my manually input seasonal ETc/crop coefficient) so I can intervene if the wet season is a bust. Awesome.


Beautiful! That tree looks amazing and those mandarins look delicious. Love hearing these stories :slight_smile: Thanks @Kubisuro

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@Kubisuro Thanks for sharing, definitely craving mandarins now!



I really need to put some effort into my fruit trees. Right now they aren’t on drip and rely on either flood irrigation or me hand watering…The flood irrigation is the best (and cheapest) option I have, but it rarely works with my schedule.

I have grapefruit, two varieties of orange, lemon, and pomegranate that have suffered year after year due to my incompetence when it comes to hand watering! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Your poor trees!! But then you don’t have to worry much about how best to use their bounty :-). I’ve never been successful at handwatering trees. I just don’t have the setup (berms around trunks) and the patience. Whenever I’ve attempted handwatering of trees their leaves burn to a crisp. I should have berms just in case my irrigation valves break… ugh! Too much work lol

That is exactly where I stand. Most of the time the tree’s are on the verge of crunchy leaves, which jogs my memory to hand water…

I have everything I need to extend my existing tree drip line to cover these tree’s, or I have the ability to create a new zone with a little bit of extra work…I just need to do it!

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