Make Videos that show step by step instructions

One thing missing from both the residential and pro side of Rachio is a video that shows step-by-step instructions for homeowners, contractors and distributors.

@robertokc We are actually trying to start adding videos for support documents. What topics do you think would be most important to start with?

Basic out of the box setup.

  1. Taking down old controller
  2. Putting up Rachio
  3. Wiring Rachio
  4. Download app
  5. Initialization process, getting wifi connnection.

Programming the controller

  1. Define flex schedule and fixed schedule
  2. Start time, watering restrictions
  3. Basic programming
  4. Understanding landscape parameters

Installing a rain sensor and or soil sensor.

Setting up controller with no wifi (good for contractors. Do this in Spanish and English)

I will send more ideas.


Love all of these. We do currently have some of these on the support site. Were you aware of that? I feel like a lot of people don’t know these are available. Trying to think of a way to make them more visible.
What do you mean by landscape parameters?
The setting up with no wifi in spanish is huge. I love that.

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Thanks for the reply. I have watched some of the videos. Not a video, but one thing would be to create a manual instruction list in English and Spanish.