Make the Rachio APP better legible on the iPhone

When I am in the yard testing 16 zones under the straight-up Hawaiian sun, it becomes very difficult for me to read the iPhone APP. Would it be possible for Rachio to capitalize the fonts or increase their size, by splitting the 1 page with 16 stations in two pages of 8 stations each so that they become more legible.

Hope Rachio can give a thought to my suggestion and consider the feasibility of my reccomendation.


Frank Secco
a Rachio fan

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Hey Frank!
Thanks for the feedback! Can you tell me if you had any issues on any screens in particular, or just the entire app?
McKynzee :rachio:

Hi McKynzee,

I don’ t have any issues with the other screens. Only with the screen showing the 16 stations that can be used to test them or to run them independently. As far I can tell all the stations are on one screen. The fonts are very small and hard to read outdoors in the middle of the day. I would like to see the screen split in two screens with 8 stations each or if this is not possible to use bold fonts.


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