Make the controller weather resistant for outdoor use

It would be great to be able to use this controller outside without using a 3rd party enclosure with 10 steps to make it all work. Other smart irrigation controllers have now started appearing over the last 6 months that are built to be used outdoor without additional protection. It seems it would make sense to offer this.

Hi @dgershon,

We totally agree with your suggestion are working through some options.

Do you have one of our controllers and did you go through an outdoor installation?

Also, when you mention the 10 steps, are you referring to our support article?

The only reason I ask is that those steps are for a hardwired outdoor installation. Many outdoor controllers are hardwired and you would need to either go through a process like this and keep it hardwired or you would need to install an outlet, if one wasn’t available, near where you would plug in an outdoor ready, pluggable controller.

Please let me know if I can be of further help to you and we appreciate your feedback here.

I currently use one of your controllers inside. I have another Hunter X-Core controller that is outside and I am looking to find a smart irrigation controller to replace that. I have and outdoor access point within 50ft of where this controller would be mounted. There already is an outlet to direct plug into. So yes, it would not need to be hard wired but I still need to purchase the enclosure you recommend or find an alternative. Also it is possible the wifi signal could be weakened by the enclosure? You see other products available like Blossom that already are manufactured with a weather resistant enclosure but their software does not seem as developed. I am sure there will be others as well.