Make Start Times Variable

Start times should be based on the scheduled run time that’s in the schedule for that particular day. Example, instead of a 40 minute run time for 1 zone start at 1am, make it start 40 minutes before sun rise. I get why it starts at 1am, it’s calculated if all zones run for 5hrs it still ends before sunrise, I feel like it would be more efficient.

Maybe I don’t understand the request, but start time adjusts based on the scheduled run time and end time.

People on here have been requesting this for literal YEARS, and has been constantly dismissed as “programming too hard.” As a software developer for almost 20 years now, this is a super lame cop-out and there’s NO way that changing this is nearly as difficult as it’s being made out to be.

My zones hardly ever all fire on the same day, and having water start at 2am every day is super annoying, and can just lead to lawn issues, such as disease.