Make Multiple Controllers Work Together Seamlessly

My house has two separate irrigation controllers mainly due to proximity to the valves and wiring. I however view my system as one “unit”. Assuming these controllers are on the same physical network I would like to see things like…

  • zone schedule not conflicting between controllers
  • utilizing a single master valve connected to one controller to also work with the other controller
  • combined reporting

One idea would be to identify a single controller as a “master” (possibly the one with the master value attached) and the others as slaves. The software could then treat the zones as a single entity with the scheduling handled by the master and just utilizing the slaves to turn the zones off/on. Utilize notifications to handle situations where a master or slave is lost.

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@rlynch‌ great feature and one we are working on. Don’t know if we’ll have it out this summer yet, but definitely on our roadmap.

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hello very happy with iro. do you have any news about multiple controllers working seamlessly. thank you

@albaboun This is in our backlog for this year, after we release version 2.0 of our software (end of March) we will review the priority on this. It’s a killer feature, but will be a lot of work :wink: and we need to make sure our priority balance is in check.


I’ve been requesting this for almost four years. I have four controllers. Currently just using three (combined zones to make scheduling easier).

Not all my controllers have 16 zones being used. It’s the fact that I have 2.5 acres and not all my zones are wired back to a central location. I have two controllers in one location (Combined the zones on these), and two others in two completely different locations.

I spoke to someone at Rachio a couple of months ago and she said that was a smart idea. She said she had never heard of this feature request before and was going to definitely suggest it. Again, I can’t possibly imagine it’s really that rare…I just don’t think people are voicing their requests and are just dealing with it.

I stumbled on this post after reading some others. I can’t believe you guys were discussing this back in 2014…here in 2020 we still DO NOT have this feature…

I’d be more than happy to Beta Test this (even though it’s 5 years later and still don’t have a solution that I’m aware of…).