Make Multiple Controllers Work Together Seamlessly

My house has two separate irrigation controllers mainly due to proximity to the valves and wiring. I however view my system as one “unit”. Assuming these controllers are on the same physical network I would like to see things like…

  • zone schedule not conflicting between controllers
  • utilizing a single master valve connected to one controller to also work with the other controller
  • combined reporting

One idea would be to identify a single controller as a “master” (possibly the one with the master value attached) and the others as slaves. The software could then treat the zones as a single entity with the scheduling handled by the master and just utilizing the slaves to turn the zones off/on. Utilize notifications to handle situations where a master or slave is lost.

@rlynch‌ great feature and one we are working on. Don’t know if we’ll have it out this summer yet, but definitely on our roadmap.

hello very happy with iro. do you have any news about multiple controllers working seamlessly. thank you

@albaboun This is in our backlog for this year, after we release version 2.0 of our software (end of March) we will review the priority on this. It’s a killer feature, but will be a lot of work :wink: and we need to make sure our priority balance is in check.