Make a 4 or 6 station controller

I had a rachio controller at my old house and loved it. I would like to buy another one but my new house only has 4 stations and I don’t want to buy the 8 station. It would be awesome if y’all could come out with a 4 or 6 station controller

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I doubt that they would do so due to the limited demand for such a product. Best is to buy an 8 zone unit and not use the other 4 zones. I also doubt there would be much cost savings to the consumer anyway.


If the savings would be minimal, then why is the 16 so much more expensive? I wish there was a 12 station but there isn’t so I stayed with the eight

It’s not about the hard cost, it’s about margins. A 4 station if priced proportionally to the 8/16 would into revenue or dilute the value of the much higher priced 16