Maintenance Mode + Apple Watch Companion App

Turning on my sprinklers for the season reminded me of a thought I had in the fall when blowing out my sprinklers.

The manual mode works for running individual zones, or all zones sequentially, for turning on sprinklers or blowing them out. But it is not very friendly for this. Default of 10 minutes is too long, so lots of taps to change all zones to 1-2 minutes. Would be nice to have a “maintenance mode” where I just tap a zone and it runs until I tap “stop” or “next zone.”

And, when you’re getting down and dirty adjusting heads, etc - would be nice to be able to start/stop/advance using your Apple Watch (or Google Gear or Pebble etc) instead of reaching into pockets with wet/muddy hands to grab phone.

+1 on that

@Latz @leeowen Great ideas, our 2.0 app in May will have a remote control where you create a playlist of zones. I’m thinking the first default playlist we create is something similar to what you described.

As to Apple Watch, that would be pretty cool. Waiting for someone from the developer community to build this out for us :smile:

I think what you are looking for exists via The simplecommands watch app allows access to all rachio zones, controller and schedules. It also handles rain delay and other rachio commands.

-supports multiple controllers
-supports rain delay
-supports creating unique groups for zones if you want to run certain zones in serial outside the regular schedule
-lets you create friendly names for things so that you can use the SMS module via siri with less name trauma