Maintain your rain gage!

In California the new water year begins October 1st and we might actually get rain soon after. Last measurable rainfall at my PWS here north of Sacramento, CA was 125 days ago. That means cleaning out the rain gage was a must! It was sticky and the bucket was full of grime and especially ash. Consider cleaning yours today and test it afterwards. How? Read the manual :slight_smile:




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Thatโ€™s the way it is out here near sunny Sacramento. Not a drop oโ€™ rain for months and months at a time. But yesterday that all changed with the first rain of the season bringing a half inch in about an hour. I hope weโ€™ll see more of that in the months ahead. Droughts are a drag.

As for cleaning your rain gauge, you might check out the new WeatherFlow Smart Weather Stations which do not have a rain collection bucket, but use haptic technology (like on your iPhone) to sense rainfall: