Lowest PR sprinkler

Help!! I need a Hunter sprinkler suggestion

Really long story short…

Got dealt a bad hand and have a zone with full sun and full shade. (not an option to split at the moment)

Zone is running only 3 minutes, shaded side is soaking wet. (Rachio 3)

The heads in full shade are on the property line spraying towards the house. The distance from the head to the house is 10’.

The original install was an i20 with a Blue 1.0 nozzle. Too much water.

Next was a PGP Red 1.0 nozzle, too much water. I looked at the charts, it looks like the radius for this is 29’ and the PR is .18in/hr (which seems very low and what I need). Is my PR going way up when they choke it down to 9’? (My arc isn’t changing, it’s 180*)

If the PGP Red 1.0 with a PR of .18in/hr is still to much water, what head can I replace it with? Folks have suggested the MP Rotators but it looks like the PR on those is almost 1.0in/hr if not higher, even though they list shorter radius.

Thank you!!

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Split the zone…no other long-term solution.