Low Voltage Problem on Gen 2

I have a brand new Gen2 controller that has been giving me some problems.
Everything works as it should; powers up fine, wifi works, except for getting power to the valves. I took a reading from my volt meter directly from the controller and found that it’s only outputting ~5.4 volts instead of 24v. I believe I may have a defective controller unless there is an adjustment somewhere that I missed.

I have been trying to get in touch with customer support through several emails and am frustrated that I haven’t heard a response in the course of two weeks.

I have the same problem, but my voltage is MUCH lower. So upset. :frowning:

It ended up being the wrong wall outlet for me. I would check to make sure the wall outlet gives a 24v supply to the controller.

@nodie1224 - please report the current coming out of the wall socket and out of the Rachio transformer when the transformer is not plugged into the Rachio unit. You can email support at Rachio.com or call their toll free number for support.