Low flow notification won't turn off even after i fixed the low flow problem and recalibrated correctly

I have a Rachio 3 controller and a wireless flow meter. Newly installed April 2019. One of my zones showed a low flow detection about a month ago. Actually I was getting no flow in that zone. I had the valve replaced and recalibrated the zone that was showing the low flow detection. The zone has been working properly now since I replaced the valve, but the low flow detection notification continues to show for that zone. What could be causing this low flow notification on a zone that is newly calibrated and working properly. How do I get rid of the notification?

Thanks for any all help.

I’d have thought this would be an easy one. My phone app shows nothing but my website account shows a low flow for one section but no other info. I wish the flow was available somewhere and historized even I just a few days or a week.

Just now I see that going through all the messages at the top of the home page cleared it but there were may others there but just the one zone had the flow notification. ???

yes just the one zone…it’s been over a month and the low flow alert is still on for that zone. Really could use a Rachio tech expert to look into this. Seems like it should be an easy fix…I just want to get rid of the alert.