Low flow alert not received

Low flow alert not received. I had a zone that was scheduled to run 32 minutes. About five minutes into the run I observed the valve was leaking. I shut the valve off manually not through the app but physically. I had expected a low flow alert to trigger at the end of the run but it never appeared. Prior run that ran for 32 minutes used 32 gallons. This run which ran for 32 minutes only used 8 gallons. System is configured with Gen3 controller and Gen3 flowmeter.

@crc2004 we currently check at the pressurization time to look for leaks and blockages. This would have been caught on the next run.

I am working with the team to figure out some additional checks during the run which would have caught your issue.


I think that would be a great next step @timber. When I run drip it is on for hours, so if a large leak started just after pressurization time I could be spilling out a whole lot of water.

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Very good, thanks. As mentioned by @azdavidr I too have zones with long run times and leak that occurs shortly after pressurization could result in some major water loss.