Low field capacity

Hi guys, am I reading this right? I have flex daily running, showing field capacity of .35 cm (0.15in) based on loamy sand (which I gather typically has a field capacity of 0.9 cm, 0.35 in), with root depth of 10 cm (4 in). It irrigates daily, not surprising given the low field capacity. What am I missing?

I seem to be getting very frequent watering, that is what lead me to look at this, BTW.

I don’t understand what you’re investigating but if you know your field capacity (assuming it is the same as Available Water Content) and root depth you can manually enter those values under advanced zone settings.

Note the following support article has screen caps of an older app so Zones button is now Yard:

[quote=“Bladerunner, post:2, topic:20095”]
I seem to be getting very frequent watering[/quote]

Frequency is mostly determined by crop evapotranspiration or crop coefficient. May want to check and maybe adjust those values as well.

Your field capacity is actually a lot lower, I believe due to the loamy sand.

It is .07 inches (sorry, I can only read Imperial!)

This will have you watering frequently.


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Also, are you sure your root zone depth is only 4 inches?


OK guys, thanks for your help. I think I misunderstood the graph depicting the soil moisture. It appears that, at 50% depletion setting, we are working in only the top half of the sponge, so to speak. I was reading just 3.5 mm (0.14 inches) as the total field capacity. It appears, in fact, that this page is all working within the top half of the actual field capacity of 7mm (0.28 inches), based on root depth of 4 inches and available water of 0.07 in/in. Now it makes sense. If I allow 100% depletion, it shows the total field capacity. Thanks all!

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