Low Battery Notification


I just got a notification that the batteries in my wireless flow meter are low. I was part of the beta test and as best I can tell, the unit’s been installed for less than a year (May 2018 install date). It seems early to me as I thought it was supposed to last 2 years, but I may be misremembering.

Has anyone else has to replace their batteries already? Is ~10 months the expected battery life?



@bcellis did you just have some really low temperatures in your area?


I don’t know what qualifies as really low, but I think we had one or two mornings where it was in the mid-20’s (over the past few weeks). Other than that it’s probably been mid-30’s for the most part and just recently bumping up to the mid/upper-40’s as best as I can recall.


Hey if it helps, northeast area with a late June 2018 flow meter install date. App battery status reported as “good”. No battery warnings yet.