Low Battery Notification

I just got a notification that the batteries in my wireless flow meter are low. I was part of the beta test and as best I can tell, the unit’s been installed for less than a year (May 2018 install date). It seems early to me as I thought it was supposed to last 2 years, but I may be misremembering.

Has anyone else has to replace their batteries already? Is ~10 months the expected battery life?


@bcellis did you just have some really low temperatures in your area?

I don’t know what qualifies as really low, but I think we had one or two mornings where it was in the mid-20’s (over the past few weeks). Other than that it’s probably been mid-30’s for the most part and just recently bumping up to the mid/upper-40’s as best as I can recall.

Hey if it helps, northeast area with a late June 2018 flow meter install date. App battery status reported as “good”. No battery warnings yet.

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I just got another low battery notification. It’s 2 months to the day that I replaced my flowmeter batteries with brand new ones. Something seems off, eh?

How far from the controller is the flow meter installed?

Only about 4 feet.

Well that blows my distance theory out of the water…:rofl:

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I’m having this same issue. Flow meter installed in early August 2018. Got the low battery message on May 9, 2019 (9 months seemed very short to me). I replaced the batteries with Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA’s on 5/12/19. Got the flow meter sync’d up and battery level went back to ‘good’. The next day (5/13/19) I got another low battery message and the battery level is back to ‘low’. Hoping to get some help from Rachio on this one.

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Hopefully Rachio has some insight. I also submitted a help ticket because I’m getting notifications roughly every other day that my flow meter has been disconnected or reconnected.

bcellis is it possible our batteries are actually being rapidly depleted? Regular drops would probably be the result of a low battery. Do you still have a “low” battery indicator?

I did get another low battery warning shortly after replacing the batteries (within a few weeks if I remember correctly) but since then it’s only been the disconnect/reconnect issue. The flow meter is currently disconnected but if it reconnects in the next day or two, I’ll check the battery level.

Rachio tech support has not responded to my emails. Sent two messages in 4 days. And they seem to have stopped responding to this thread.

Rachio - Any update would be appreciated. Even just to say we know there’s a problem and our experts are troubleshooting.

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Hey @bcellis and @nick1

Sorry for the delay! I’m having the team dig into this issue as we speak - both of your tickets should have a response, but if not, please let me know.


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I am having the same problem with the batteries. I went out and bought the longest life batteries I could find and they lasted less than 30 days. When I installed the flow meter, the batteries lasted almost a year but since then, it has been less than 30 days. I have replace them about four times.

After contacting Rachio, I have a faulty flow meter and they are replacing it.

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