Low amperage brass valves

Upgrading the irrigation system at our church to a Rachio 3 and a master valve with another zone valve inside the building. I chose electronic brass valves for the master and the zone valve that’s inside. I think the valves that I chose draw too much amperage when the zone valve inside is open. That zone won’t work reliably and is giving a zone fault on the controller. These are the two valves I installed. 3/4'' 24V AC Electric Brass Solenoid Valve 24 - Volts

Can someone recommend a brass valve that uses a lower amperage or a way to make these valves work?


@rgensler - the Rachio power supply only puts out 1 Amp to power the controller and up to three valves at a time (Master valve, previously running zone and next zone when the reduce water hammer option is on). It appears that the selected valves need over 1 Amp just by themselves.

Two options:

  1. Find valves that use 300 mA or less.

  2. Use two SPST (Single Pole Single Throw) relays where the coil is fired by the master/zone line and pole connects the actual valve wire to a higher amperage power supply (looks like at least 2.5 Amps is needed to power both valves at the same time).