Love V3 but really miss the wheel!

There are a ton of things I love about the new app and V3 (pause being a huge one for me) but I really miss the wheel to set water times and that entire interface. It isn’t as critical when setting up a schedule because you do it once and are done but is a big deal when just trying to quickly run a zone or even worse multiple zones. It used to be so fast to set for example zone 1 for 20 minutes zone 3 for 15 minutes and zone 7 for 30 minutes and then hit run. I can’t seem to find a way to do that quickly now. Another example was how easy it was to quickly set all zones to run 1 minute and then hit run. Now it seems very difficult. Am I missing something?


It’s a different interface, but it still seems pretty quick to me == I think I actually like the new interface better. When you click on the little remote control icon in the bottom right corner (at least in IOS and on the web interface), click on Add Custom Run. Once there, click on either Select All or just the zones you want to water. After that you will get a page where you can set the run times for each zone (it defaults to 3 minutes each), and you can also reorder the zones for which will water first. And then just “RUN NOW”.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the insight. I was going into zones, then choosing a zone and then clicking “quick run” from there. Don’t know why I hadn’t clicked on the blue remote icon. You are right, that is very quick and I really like being able to change the order! Turns out I just was doing it wrong. I still might miss the wheel a bit but it much better than I originally thought and is actually faster in a lot of ways.



You should try to pause the running system, it will blow your mind! I don’t want to comment on how many engineers it took to build that :wink:



We use a pressurized irrigation system where the water has to be filtered or the sprinkler heads clog. I have to flush the filter manually several times during my irrigation turn or I lose pressure. The filter is located at the back of the yard so I used to have to use my ninja skills and dart across the lawn jumping and ducking and twisting to try and get to the filter and flush it and then run back without getting soaked. I was rarely successful. I am going to LOVE being able to pause! My wife might miss watching and laughing at me. So hats off to however many engineers it took. It was worth it!

At the risk of sounding ungrateful…will I be able to tell the google to pause and un-pause or just via the app? My system is still down for the winter or I’d check.

This made me laugh so hard.

We are very much wanting to enhance the overall voice experience. :wink:

Have a great week.