Lost power at the house

Hi. I am a new user. We just bought a house and I am familiarizing myself with the system. The former owner was nice enough to help me download the app and show me how the zones were set up. I then was able to connect the system to my wi-fi system. Everything was fine and the system worked. The zones had been identified by the former owner and the sprinklers worked.
Today we lost power at the house. It appears the system came offline. I figured out how to add the controller to the app but I am not sure what to do next. The zones that were set up appear to have disappeared.
What do I need to do now?

Appreciate any guidance. Thank you

First of all my recommendation is to have a working surge protector, or GFCI. I replace more Rachio’s due to power spikes, and poor electrical connections from previous installations. Even with a whole house GFCI, I still add one independently.

It sounds like instead of rebooting to connect to WiFi as the first step, you “added” the controller as a new install. Thus, you’ve lost all your previous programming. Is it online now?

You should have , updated your WiFi settings in the app, un plug A/C and then plug back in and just pressed the WiFi button to reconnect. A normal power outage and offline conditions Rachio will still operate which is a great feature untill you address it. As above.

If in fact, your not online, and you didn’t complete adding the controller by entering in the serial # or scanning it, it’s possible to revert to Rachio’s existing settings and just reboot it.