Lost my Soil moisture graphs after update (Australia)

Greetings from Australia…

After the recent update I cannot see my soil moisture graphs for any of my zones. These graphs have always been a little funky for me - due I think to timezone issues - I am from the future as far as the US is concerned - Brisbane, Australia GMT +10. Prior to the update - the days and dates were sometimes a bit off - but I could see the graphs.

After the update I can’t see the graph on my android app or the web interface.

I’m running 5 zones on two flex daily schedules - I haven’t changed anything at my end, so I’m not 100% confident that things are working.

Ideas or suggestions?


Hi David,

I live in Brisbane as well and I have noticed the same issue. I have also logged a ticket with the support team as well. Fingers cross that this can be resolved easily.

I live in Sydney. I have the same issue. No moisture graphs.