Lost history after power cycle

We had a breaker trip on the circuit that powers the Rachio v2. Now that the power is back on, we don’t see any history since July 27th (today is August 8th). Is this normal, and is this permanent? All of our zones now show 0% soil moisture as well.

Hey @glenncou, Thanks for the heads up. Working through this now - more details shortly!
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I have a similar problem with my gen3 and a gen 2 I have at another home. All history has been cleared back to jul 26 and soil moisture is 0%. Zones show the last run on 8/4 and 8/5.

Same here…it appears all history in August is lost. The app was showing the correct information yesterday.

Thanks for the heads up @desibrainp and @SwampThing - we’re working on this as we speak and will post an update shortly! Thank you all for your patience :slight_smile:

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Same problem just happened to me too. Lost all watering time history and soil saturation levels. Now my 16 zone Rachio 2 thinks it needs to water the entire lawn tomorrow morning due to the error. Which it obviously doesn’t need to do. Looks like a problem on Rachio server end losing everyone’s data. Let’s just hope it’s temprorary and they can get service restored soon! Guess I’ll pause tomorrow’s watering until Rachio gets it figured out!

Note: I did not have a power outage before this occurred.

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Must be systemic on the server side. Same thing happened to my v3. No known power interruption, but all history gone post 27 July.

Hey all!

Thank you all for your patience! We’re working to get this resolved and will have an update for everyone in the morning!

-Lo :rachio:

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In addition to lost history, it also appears the push notifications are not working either, and it ran last night all zones when it wasn’t scheduled yesterday. My smart sprinkler is taking over! :slight_smile:

Isn’t this how Terminator 7 starts? :rofl:

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Some progress overnight…my history thru 30 July shows up this morning (got a few more days since yesterday), but still nothing on Aug available yet.

Just putting my two cents in here too. Gen 2 Rachio. When I look at my history, I receive the message:

‘No history yet for this controller’.

Also, my system watered last night and I got no push notifications until about 12 hours after the cycles started, and stopped. This is the first time I have seen this behavior. Normally notifications are right on time.

I know this is being looked into, but wanted to share the info I had.

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I’m not sure this is related, but our system/app has been acting up this AM. We’re getting all sorts of notifications that zones started and stopped. It’s mid-day here and we only have things set to water overnight. I’m not home to see if it’s actually watering, though. The odd thing is it says “manually” stopped on many of the notifications even though we’re not messing with it. It seems like someone is messing with our system. The app is incredibly slow as well. I can’t access various features like history as mentioned in this thread. I changed the password to be safe, but will keep an eye on this dicussion. Thanks.

I’m guessing it’s related, but I received a notificaiton that my watering was manually stopped at 10am, which seemed odd since my system is set up to complete watering by sunrise. When i tried to log in, I couldn’t see anything. My zones are all gone, and there is no history.

I’m having the same thing as the user above. I can see my sprinklers though and it looks like it’s just delayed or wonky alerts as my sprinklers aren’t going off outside of the expected times (before sunrise)

@Elgrann is correct. You may experience some latencies within the app. But rest assured, the notifications are delayed and it is not currently running.

As @laura.bauman said in other posts

Some of our users are currently seeing delayed notifications and events as they are recovered from an issue we experienced overnight. Stay tuned for more updates today.

Thanks for your patience!
Cheers! :rachio:

I am having similar issues with the app.

My history is showing zero weather intelligence skips for August when there have been a few. It shows the scheduled runs that have taken place but zero weather skips.

Further, it ran this morning as scheduled but no push notifications were received.

Hi @TyWebb!

The issue causing delayed notifications and events has been resolved. However, we’re currently working through data recovery for affected users. You can stay updated here.

-Lo :cheers:


Thank you for the update. However I still never got the push notification for this morning’s run? Should I get it or will the “fix” start with the next push notification that would come out?

Hey @tywebb!

I had the team take a look at your account. Everything looks normal and the run is showing up just fine. I would wait for the next notification but if things are still looking wonky, keep us posted!

-Lo :rachio:

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