Lost half of my Zones


We had a leak in our sprinkler system over the weekend and shut the water off. The leak is now repaired, however we lost use of half our zones (Rachio will not turn on or off)- the other half work fine. I checked to see if any of the valves for the nonworking zones had debris and they were all clean. What can I do to troubleshoot the controllers connection with the zones (outside of checking for power)?


What I tried when I was having a similar issue was head out to the valve box and start short manual watering cycles on my phone. I could audibly hear the solenoid ‘click’ when the zone was enabled. All of my solenoids were ‘clicking’. It turned out my landscaper had manually closed a quarter turn valve upstream of the irrigation valves (near the inlet to the house). Any chance someone forgot to open a similar manual valve ?


Thanks for response- unfortunately all valves open. Solenoids are not clicking. Picked up a multi meter today to check power (but 99% sure it’s there)- Is there a way to restart? is there some other physical issue that may be causing this?
…may or may not impact, but noticed solenoid and pressure screws were ultra tight when I opened up the irrigation box…

Have you tried rewiring a good valve to one of the bad valves slots and vice versa? You can at least make sure it’s not the controller with the issue. If the bad valve doesn’t work then I would say it’s probably a bad solenoid.

good idea- i’ll give that a shot (I’ve lost control of three valves however)

ok so tried rewiring- no luck. tested power- it is there. replaced all solenoids. Don’t thing anything else can be at fault other than the Rachio controller - is there a way to reset or bring these zones back online?

Did you test power to the zone? Put a multi-meter between the zone terminal and common on the controller and turn on that zone. Then head out to your valve and do the same check there.

My bet is a broken cable somewhere. Been gardening lately?