Lost all history prior to May 2019 - [SOLVED] Only 1 year of history stored

I downloaded history for all of my zones recently and all the history is gone before May of 19.

I put in a support ticket last week but never heard back.

Any ideas?

We only store 1 year of history for customers.


Well crud. I wish I would have known that before and I would have stored them locally.

@ Franz, Can you please change the history download to just download watering history for months with data, not as far back as from when I activated my Rachio. I don’t need 3 years of zeros!


Agreed. the dates are all still there. But the data is gone.

Honestly how much space do these records take up???

Now every time i go to download the data i’ve got two years worth of nothing.

On the website when I select history it just opens a blank page.

Hi @Tanquen I’m sorry to hear that you’re having this issue. Could you post the URL to the blank page that is opening so I can investigate. Thanks!