Looking for flow meter installer in Los Angeles (Encino)


Just upgraded to a 16 zone Gen 3 and the flow meter.

Landscaping is about five years old so easy to see what worked and what didn’t.

It’s time to bring in a pro. Any suggestions welcomed.

Thanks in advance.


@AP-123 If you reach out to support.rachio.com they should be able to help find a pro in your area :wink:



@franz - thanks for the prompt response. I filled out a form on the support page on Monday requesting a pro but haven’t heard back.


Hey @AP-123!

Having our support team check into this ASAP! Sorry for the delay.

-Lo :rachio:


Hi @laura.bauman

Thanks for the prompt reply.

I was told there are no pros in my area. That would be the question, if there are no pros in Los Angeles, where are there?

Hopefully this is a short term problem. Any other suggestions on how to install the flow meter or configure my smart schedules correctly would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


Hey @AP-123. I had the same problem in my area. I just used Yelp to find a good plumber, and they came out and did a great job. I searched both plumbers and irrigation installers, and sent them a link to this for quotes.

Installer in Houston?

Thank you @azdavidr

Installation of the flow meter should be too much trouble for most but a correct configuration of a flex schedule I’m guessing requires some a bit more skill.


I agree. I’m not too familiar with how much familiarity the ‘Rachio Pro’ folks have with setting up flex schedules, but I can say that the resources on this board are significant. If you don’t mind putting in the time the folks here will help you.


Hey @AP-123

Sorry to hear there are no pros in LA - we’re still growing our pro database so I’m sure we’ll get some in the area soon.

I agree with @azdavidr - check out Yelp to find a good plumber or irrigation installer and make sure they have all the right information. Once they know about Rachio, they may be interested in becoming a Rachio Pro too :slight_smile:

-Lo :rachio:


Thank you @laura.bauman

The flow meter will be great but the real task for me is to find an irrigation professional that understands the magic of this controller.

I haven’t found anyone yet who understands it as I expand my system. Please keep us up to date.

Thanks again!


Hey @ap-123,

We’ll definitely keep you up to date. If an installer you trust doesn’t know Rachio well, invite them to reach out to us via support@rachio.com or check out https://www.rachio.com/wireless-flow-meter/ for installation assistance :slight_smile:

-Lo :rachio: