Looking for an Uber Lawn Nerd or Pro to configure Rachio

I have a large Rachio installation at my house (~50 zones). I struggled to get the watering levels right over 2020. After adding a number of zones and adjusting heads, I believe I can get enough water on the lawn with good coverage now. I’m now looking for someone in the Austin area that I can hire to configure the zones and the schedules to take advantage of the Rachio. Are there recommendations for the Austin area?

Damn, 50 zones!? How many acres do you have?!

Hey @erik! Feel free to check the Rachio Pro Finder to search for a Pro in your area if you don’t find the help you need in the Community :slight_smile:

3-4 with lots of landscaping and nooks and crannies. :pensive:

Thanks @laura.bauman . That was my backup plan, but wasn’t sure how excited an irrigation company would be given I have a landscaping provider and I just finished fixing the sprinkler system itself.

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