Longer rain skip duration?

According to the FAQ
Rain Skip checks the weather one hour before your watering schedule starts. Any time a schedule’s preselected rainfall threshold is met using observed and forecasted rainfall (rainfall in the last 24 and the next 24 hours), the watering schedule is skipped. For example, if you have your rain threshold set to 0.5", and it rained 0.25" in the last 24 hours and is expected to water more than 0.25" in the next 24 hours, your schedule will be skipped.

My question is I live in Florida and I’ve noticed I can get 2-3" of rain over the weekend and it doesn’t automatically skip. I have even had it do it on its own when I forgot to skip. Is there any way to see this duration extend for say 5-6 days or a week? A good example is its been raining since last night until this morning and its drizzling now its still set to water. Why cant it skip based on that (my watering day is Thursday/Sunday).

Also when does the rain for that day when you tap on the calendar update? Im just curious about this as well.

Rain skip only considers current rain, not accumulated rain, as you’ve said. Flex Daily uses accumulated rain to decide when to water, but I don’t think it will work with only 2 watering days per week allowed.

so I have to manually skip when it rains then? should this be a feature request?

On a fixed schedule you may consider enabling saturation skip. That’ll take into account accumulated rain and modeled plant use of water. It works pretty good if you’ve chosen a reliable weather station for Weather Intelligence.


I have that on as well as rain freeze wind still waters.

There’s Tips and Troubleshooting at the bottom of the FAQ - see if any of that helps.


Good chance you’re using weather Intelligence plus and it may be better to select an actual weather station that’s reporting accurate rain measurements.

yes ive tried both the propagate "hyper-local " weather and a station about a mile away same result. So I shouldn’t use the hyper local? I can change it back if needed but this is what i did the first week.

Hyper local or WI Plus is best for those without a nearby good weather station. For those without nearby stations, WI Plus is far better than nothing. If you’re in an area with nearby weather stations, find one that seems to reflect your weather & precip amounts the best and switch to it. Try that station out for a few weeks to see if you get better results. Switching to a station will provide your real world data while WI Plus uses interpolations to guess at your weather.