Logic considers local watering restrictions

In my area, we have watering restrictions that don’t allow watering outside specific hours, but we can choose any three days to water, Sunday to Saturday.

I would like my system to know this - let’s say I plan to water M, W, and F. Watering occurs M, but on W we have a wind skip. I want it to then plan to water Th and Sa, and then M the schedule resets for the week.

I would envision a setting that requests restrictions - watering days, days/week, and/or times of day. This seems fairly easy to implement. Is there a way to do this now?

It is easy to set what 3 days you want the system to water, but no, if there is a wind skip on a particular watering day, it won’t be able to water outside of the 3 days you set and will water on the next scheduled watering day.

Right - if these are truly intelligent, I want to have it figure out how to optimize my irrigation within my watering restrictions.

I don’t need a Rachio to set a watering schedule of 3 days a week and forget it.

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