Locking a Schedule Down / No User Edits

When I’m out in the yard, adjusting a schedule or tweaking the sprinkler heads I find that I sometimes ‘fat thumb’ my keyboard. In the process of these adjustments I’ve accidentally smudged the keyboard, winding up on an unintended page. Once I corrupted and entire schedule.

The ability to disable editing, or locking a schedule to prevent an unintended edit would be a feature I’d love to see.

For adjusting heads and the like, open app.rach.io (not the app) on your phone, select the controller, select Quick Run, then go out into the yard. There is nothing you can mess up from this screen, without a lot of work :slight_smile:

For tweaking schedules, there is no reason to be in the yard. Go to your computer where you have a nice big screen and edit the schedules there. You see more info on each screen, so editing is easy and less error prone.

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