Local API control

Does Rachio provide local API access?

I’m evaluating irrigation controllers. So far Hunter Hydrawise is cloud only. WeatherTRAK says they have an API, but provides no information about it. Rachio appears to be cloud only but I hope that is wrong.

I will not use a cloud based system. If Rachio doesn’t provide local control, I will buy something else. Worst case I will use relays to control my irrigation valves. Triggering relays based on a schedule and evapotranspiration is not hard. Still I hate to do that because I lose 2-wire decoding, flow monitoring, and wire fault detection but I must have local control. That’s the real value I see in Rachio.

Providing a cloud only API gives you control and that probably seems good for the business, but it is a disservice to your customers and you will lose business from power users. Anyone using the API is inherently a power user. Providing local control gives you a one-up on competitors and you will collect power users from competitors that only provide cloud control.

@n4te - I don’t believe Rachio will support local API access with their current generation of hardware.

Here is Rachio’s documentation on their API → https://rachio.readme.io

Thanks @DLane. It seemed that was the case, but I wanted to be sure. I found discussion from as old as 2016 about local control, so I thought there may be a glimmer of hope.