List of Rachio installers?

Seems like a good idea to have a way to connect homeowners with irrigation contractors in their area who install Rachio controllers. Not all people are tech savvy like those of us in this community. Do you have ideas. I cannot find this. Don’t you have other irrigation distributors other than Ewing? They are only in the southern half of the USA.

Hey @robertokc!

We can do this through support, however we don’t have anything customer facing yet. Definitely something we are working on.

We distribute through Ewing and SiteOne!

McKynzee :rachio:

Are you still selling through Irrigation Station? Ewing and Site One are very weak here, especially Site One. Site one is too focused on nursery stock, chemicals and fertilizer. Ewing is a bit better here, but I don’t have much interaction with them. Davis Supply is the largest irrigation supply house in Oklahoma City.

I do not believe so… Who is the strongest distributor out there in OK?

Davis Pipe & Supply, with branches in Edmond, Norman and Tulsa. Hard nut to crack because they are the leading distributor for Rain Bird, Hunter, Toro and Hydro-Rain in Oklahoma City. Water Store is probably the leader in Tulsa. But I know Irrigation Station carried Rachio. Are they no longer a distributor for you. Ewing is “missing in action” here.

Got it. Thanks for the intel, I will pass this along to our pro/distribution team!