Linking zones to physical ones

Can the zones be permanently tied to the physical zones? I want to have 3 zones , zone 1 and 2 will be for the lawn only and zone 3 will be for small pines. I want zone 3 to run twice. If the Rachio zones are not tied to the physical ones this will not work. thanks

I’m confused. Whether the Rachio zones are tied to physical zones or not (they normally are), you can still run zone twice. You can have 2 different schedules, each of which run zone 3, or one schedule can water it twice a day (week, whatever).

What are you trying to do?

I currently have 2 physical zones. if I run Rachio ZONE 1 twice each one of the physical zones will rune once each. Physical zones and Rachio zones are not linked for some reason.

Do you have an indexing valve system as opposed to individual solenoid valves?

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as @tmcgahey said, sounds like you have an indexing valve. If you are considering to add a zone to your setup, you can do so using a dedicated valve and you’ll have full control over it (you’ll be able to run it as many time as needed without effecting zones 1 and 2). Someday you’ll want to upgrade your setup to use individual valves to replace your indexing setup, but meanwhile it doesn’t sound like you need it to make your new 3rd zone work.