Limited access for irrigation company

I’ve created a limited access account for my irrigation company - last year the guy that came out had the app download and seemed to have full access accounts for his other clients with Rachio controllers. I didn’t want to go that way so had created the landscaper account (which he had never used before)

I still don’t want to give him full access (and can’t guarantee it will be the same guy as last year). How do I tell whoever turns up to access my controller with the email with the limited access? That email probably went to the administrator and a note was added into my account like last year. Is there some kind of link in that email?

It would be really helpful Rachio if you explained to us simple people what actually happened when we created the limited access, not just how to create it. We need to educate the people who turn up at our houses too. :open_mouth:

Hey @Redcat13,

Have you seen our Support Article that documents how exactly Limited Access works? You can grant Limited Access to your controller to any email address, regardless if they have a Rachio account or not.

Once you’ve added an email to Limited Access, they will be emailed a URL with instructions that can be used to access your controller until the Expiration Date that you set elapses.

If the irrigation professional that you are attempting to provide access to does not have direct access to the email or URL, they would either need to be provided access by the owner or you would need to add their email directly.

One possible workaround you could use would be to add Limited Access to one of your own emails, and then provide that link to the professional directly.

Hope this helps!