Like to reposition controllers on home screen

I have five controllers at different addresses. I would like to position the controllers to the one that I view the most, my personal residence. My personal residence appears at last on the list. Users should be able slide the location/position on how they appear on the app or web page to their personal preference. Rachio should make this an option, Thoughts?

On a desktop or laptop computer, you can select your personal controller, then save the URL as a Favorite or put a link on the desktop. When you click that link, the proper controller will automatically open.

On Android or iOS, you can also save the URL as a Bookmark/Favorite. However, if you try to save it on the home screen, Rachio provides the URL (which does not include the desired controller info). And just to be especially mean, both Google and Apple grey out the URL and prevent you from editing it. You can work around this by disconnecting from the internet (turn off Wi-Fi and mobile data) then attempting to access the desired URL. Now, save the URL to the home screen (edit the garbage title). You’ll have a bogus icon (showing the error), but once you turn internet access back on, the home screen link will work properly.

I’ve done the above and it works, but I’m primarily using IOS App. The app should have the flexibility.

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