Light bar is multi-colored?

Hi everyone. I’m new to Rachio and unable to get my unit working. It’s installed and powered. My electrician installed it, swapping it in in place of an old-fashioned controller. I tried to connect it to our wifi system, and following the instructions on the app, I got to this step:

“Hold down the Wi-Fi button on the controller until the bar flashes blue.”

I did that, but the bar never flashed blue. Instead, it is multi-colored. Unfortunately, I can’t attach a photo or video here, so I’ll try to describe what I’m seeing. Half the bar is a solid purple. In the middle of the bar are two short bands of solid teal and dark blue, and the last part (almost half the bar) is flashing orange.

Thank you.


I think the following should help. Please let us know either way. Light Codes (Rachio 3)


Thank you! I’ll check that out!

I finally got through to a human being, and it appears my wifi signal at the Rachio isn’t strong enough. I’ve ordered another extender for my mesh system, and I hope that will get my system working.

I presume that you are talking about customer service as we are mostly human here in the community. :wink: